Monday, July 11, 2016

What's In Your Makeup Bag?

Lately I've posted mostly photos of my travels, but little of my daily life in China. I'm packing up to leave on summer holiday, so I wanted to leave you with 31 days of posts that paint a picture of what it's like to live in China and what my current life is like. If you want to join in the sharing I'd love it if you would place a link in the comments back to your post. I hope you enjoy and have a great summer!
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Here's a peak at what's inside my makeup bag: 

I love lip products. I always have a variety in my makeup bag and carry it with me constantly. I hate having dry lips and I want something with an SPF for sun protection. I use a lip balm and then something over it for color. Generally, I use a gloss to top it off.

What are your beauty bag must haves?

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