Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Travel Tuesday: Three Places

This week my post on Travel Tuesday is based on the following theme by A Compass Rose:

“Share three places… the place you have been that you have loved the most, the place you cannot wait to visit and something about the place you live in.”

The common theme I kept returning to as I selected my three cities is Art and Architecture. Both are deeply rooted in the history and culture in a city and have become part of my favorite excursions the more I travel. 

Rome, Italy

On my honeymoon I had the opportunity to visit Italy for the first time. I've always had a fascination with history, and for me Rome was one of the places I couldn't wait to see. I was looking forward to seeing the Colosseum in person first and foremost. I love that the developers of Rome incorporated early elements of architectural design as the city continued to expand. Perhaps stones from early buildings were reused in the creation of others, but the ruins still exist rather than being completely demolished. One of my favorite parts of the trip was walking from one historical site to the next. En route we would always pass through multiple piazzas with fountains. I also love that there are drinking fountains throughout the city for a quick drink or to fill up a water bottle.   

Interior of the Colosseum

Fountain in Rome


I produced a seminar essay on Iranian women and diaspora as part of my undergrad degree in History. As part of the project I read memoirs and collected oral histories from Iranian women. I had the privilege of interviewing several women from Iran that currently call the United States home. I learned so much about the religion, culture, history, and political conflict of Iran. It is my dream to visit Iran some day and visit many of the World Heritage sites and mosques that the country has to offer. The architectural achievements are astonishing and beautiful representations of skill that exist centuries after construction. I would also love to meet with local women to learn more of their experience and witness the beauty of a culture we are so seldom exposed to. 
Chicago, IL

Although I really live in the suburbs of Chicagoland, I attend graduate school in the city of Chicago. One thing I love about Chicago is the many museums, art and architecture that the city has to offer. Most often my excursions within the city involve a visit to one of my favorite museums or a self guided walking tour of the city to view the famous sculptures. Another favorite is the Architectural Boat Tour. The guided tour takes you up the river as you view some of the influential buildings in Chicago. It always amazes me how much the trends in building design changes the landscape of the city. I pick up on a new detail each time I visit.   

What are some of your favorite cities?



  1. Oh gosh. Those photos of Rome are beautiful!! Glad I found you through the Travel Tuesday link-up!

  2. We need to do the Chicago Segway tour next!

  3. Architecture is always high on my list when visiting cities...I love looking at all the buildings (especially if it is an old city) I think that is what I find so fascinating about Europe-it is all so old. Italy was my place to visit next for the theme!

    1. I hope you get to visit soon! The food, wine and architecture in Italy is fabulous!

  4. I would love to visit Chicago. I always imagine it to be just like in "ER" and "Underemployed" though it probably is completely different :D

    1. Probably a bit different, but equally good! :)