Friday, May 2, 2014

Getting To Know Me!

In case you wanted to learn a little more about who I am, I've put together a short list of things I love.

I Love...

1.  Rocking out to the radio while I'm driving in my car. Think Tom Cruise in Jerry Maguire, flipping stations until I find the right tune, then belting it out as I drive along.

2.  Eating soup. I love to slurp my soup! Frankly, it just tastes better that way. It may seem rude, but I doubt I'll ever stop. #sorrynotsorry

3. Being outdoors all summer long. Some of my favorite things to do outside are: enjoying meals/cocktails at an outdoor restaurant patio, hiking, rollerblading, soaking up the sun, reading, sightseeing, walking along the beach, photography...And the list goes on...

4. Learning. I never, ever want to stop learning something new. That's one of the reasons I love traveling so much. And school, can't get enough of that either!

5. Picture books. I love photo books and photo albums. I always create digital scrapbooks with my travel pictures and order a copy so I can easily revisit those memories anytime. I also have a large collection of coffee table photo books that I love to peruse for inspiration. As much as I love Pinterest, I'll never get bored browsing through a physical book that I can hold in my hands.

6.  Walking barefoot in the grass.

7.  Picnics. I love eating outdoors in the summer. Rolling out a blanket in the park, eating, drinking and napping or reading the afternoon away, sounds like a great summer day to me!          

What are some of your favorite things?


  1. I love to learn new things too. I've been doing design classes on skillshare and really loving it. I just wish I had more time :) Summer is my favorite time of the year...there is so much to do!

    1. I've heard so much about skillshare. I'll have to check it out this summer once I have more time on my hands. :)