Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Pullman Guangzhou Baiyun Airport Hotel

My return flight from Cambodia to Chengdu connected through Guangzhou. I arrived at 10pm and had a 10am flight the following morning to complete my trip. It takes about an hour to travel from the airport to the downtown area of Guangzhou. During my travels through China and Southeast Asia I usually select budget hotels, but this time I chose the airport hotel merely out of convenience. However, the hotel is only a few years old and it is beautiful.  


Hotel Lobby at Reception

The rooms are large and comfortable. Bathrobes and slippers are provided for use during your stay in addition to a yoga mat and umbrella if the need arises. Bath towels are thick and extra large in size. The water pressure in the shower was the best I've had in awhile and pours out of a rainfall shower head. The bed was so comfortable that I felt as though I was sleeping on a cloud. Plus I was provided with plenty of cushy pillows including curved leg pillows at the end of the bed. The bed was so warm and inviting I had trouble leaving it in the morning and nearly missed my flight.       

My stay was delightful and my only complaint was the bathtub. It looks nice, but was rather small and I couldn't get the water hot enough. Mind you, I had no trouble accessing hot water in the shower. I realize most people don't even care about bath tubs in hotel rooms, but I love soaking in a hot bubble bath to relax. Living in China I don't have a bath tub in my apartment so baths are few and far between. When possible (and budget allows) I book hotels that have a separate tub with the intention of indulging in a hot bath.    

One thing I miss from home is the access to a variety of beauty products. While Sephora is located in a number of cities, their product selection is smaller than in the USA and the price is typically double. The same goes for any other western brand products, beauty or otherwise. So I love it when I stay at a hotel chain that provides name brand beauty products in their rooms. I was delighted that the Pullman in Guangzhou supplies CO Bigelow products. I will be using each of these until the last drop. 

Additionally, Wifi in the hotel is free and there is no pesky code to enter. You simply click the hotel name to connect. The connection was solid, which is unusual in a number of hotels in China.   

Although hotel rates vary depending on the date booked, the price for rooms typically run over $120 USD per night. I booked my stay through www.hotels.com. As I've used the site for my travels throughout China, I had earned a free night which I cashed in for this stay. With the value of my free stay applied, I ended up paying $38 for the night.     

The hotel is beautiful and the room was comfortable. I wish I could've stayed longer! It's not really practical to stay here long term as it's so far from the city center, but I wouldn't mind staying here again under similar circumstances.

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