Sunday, January 18, 2015

Sunday Reads: 1,000 Foods To Eat Before You Die

1,000 Foods To Eat Before You Die
By: Mimi Sheraton

This book has two of my favorite passions rolled into one: food and travel. The book is organized by country/region and offers a wide variety of foods with the traveler in mind. Even if you are just an armchair traveler.  Restaurants are listed under each new food item, but they are limited. Of course, if you travel to the local region that the food is known for you most likely won't have trouble finding the tasty treat because it will be available everywhere. Although she does list American restaurants throughout the book in New York City, Chicago, California and others where her recommendations can be found. Not all of the restaurant listings come from the country of origin, but that may make the cuisine more accessible to most people.  

I absolutely love food! Cooking at home, eating at restaurants and traveling around the world to sample the local delicacy excites me. I reminisced about the delectable foods I enjoyed on my travels while paging through this book and I dream of tasting them again someday. There's a section on American foods that made me crave the tastes of home. I never truly realized how specialized some of our dishes are until I moved to a country that's never heard of them.

A few recipes are scattered throughout. I'd love to see a book similar to this that is ALL recipes. That would be delightful. I would love to see more pictures, however I do think Sheraton does a wonderful job traveling the world through food in her book. I'll definitely be referring to this handy guide whenever I travel to a new country so I can be on the look out for her recommended local specialties. For a food trip around the world, I recommend this book.   

*Note: I received a free digital copy for my honest review   


  1. This combines my favorite things too...definitely on the lookout for this one.