Thursday, January 29, 2015

Indiana Sand Dunes

Just a couple of hours drive from Chicago is the Indiana Sand Dunes National Park. It's a lovely place to pack a picnic and explore. There are miles of hiking paths along the shore of Lake Michigan. From several of the viewing platforms you can even make out the Chicago city skyline across the lake on a clear day. 

I visited in September 2013 as part of our anniversary getaway weekend. After labor day the crowds disperse and you can have the park mostly to yourself. I've heard the summers are quite busy with families wanting to spend some outdoor time. 

We packed a picnic lunch that we enjoyed on the park benches before hiking around the dunes for awhile. We were on our way to Michigan to spend the weekend so we only stayed at the dunes for about two hours. However, it was a lovely place to stop for lunch and stretch our legs a bit during our trip. During road trips I prefer to pack a lunch and stop at a park or scenic spot along the way if possible. It's so much more enjoyable than stopping for fast food. Plus we get to enjoy the beautiful sunshine and stretch our legs in a scenic location.   

What do you enjoy about road trips?

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