Saturday, December 6, 2014

Favorite Local Restaurant

I'm so happy that after living in China for a short time, I have discovered my new favorite local restaurant. The name translates to mean "Happy". This restaurant is a very short walk from my apartment, very inexpensive and quite delicious! On my list of 101 goals, I listed finding a new favorite restaurant and I'm happy to have found one so soon. Here's a look at my new favorite place.

The menu is all in Chinese with no pictures:

Each time I've eaten at this restaurant to date I've gone with someone who reads Chinese. Now I've ordered enough dishes that I can point to the item I ordered before and memorized the location on the menu. Let's just hope they don't change the menu anytime soon! Otherwise I can also show them the picture I took during a previous visit. Of course I could also be adventurous and just point to something and give it a try.

Everything I've had at this restaurant so far has been delicious and affordable. For three people, the total bill is usually between $6-$8 USD. It depends on what you order though as the price per dish varies.

Here is a variety of dishes that I've tried so far:

White Rice

Beef & Onions
Egg & Leek

Chicken & Green Peppers


Pork with tofu wrap

Squid with Peppers

Green Beans with Pork and Peppers
My all time favorite is the green beans with pork and peppers. I order it every time I go there. The Chinese style of eating is to order several dishes, place them in the center of the table and everyone digs in. Usually each person will have their own bowl of rice that will serve as your plate as you eat. And of course chopsticks are the only utensil served except for the occasional spoon.

By the look of the place I can honestly say that if this restaurant was back in the states, I wouldn't even think of eating there. However, the food is always fresh and everything is cooked in a hot pan. The food goes directly from the pan to the plate to your table. The restaurant is quite popular with the locals as well. On each visit there is a flurry of to go and delivery orders in addition to the customers seated in the small dining area.  

What do you like about your favorite local restaurant?

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