Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Budget Travel Days

I love to travel and I take any opportunity to explore every corner of this world that I can. On the other hand my husband is not so much of a traveler. We've gone on lots of adventures together, but he has his limits on the amount of museums, historic sites and attractions that I can drag him to. There was usually a point in each of our longer trips when he would get tired of spending money on everything. Even though we budget ahead of time, while on vacation we do spend a lot of money because, well, we have to eat and take cabs or trains and of course explore. And all of that costs money. Almost all of it anyway. 

So, when we hit that inevitable point in our trip, I bring out a list of free things to do to explore the city that we are in. Of course, we still have to pay for our meals, but we'll spend the day exploring the city by taking advantage of the many free activities. Sometimes that means visiting free museums, churches, or historic sites. Other places that means a self guided walking tour to take in the fountains, piazzas and architecture. Either way we get a chance to explore and learn something new that is also easy on the pocket book.  

This will be a new series dedicated to him that I will post about here on the blog. Whether you're looking for a few tips to stretch your vacation dollars or you're looking for a day or two of inexpensive sightseeing, I have a few ideas to share with you. Check back tomorrow for the first post on Beijing and look for more Budget Travel Days to come. 


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