Monday, September 29, 2014

Walmart in China

When I first learned that my apartment was going to be walking distance away from the nearest Walmart I was pretty thrilled. I mean, I was familiar with Walmart and their prices were reasonable. How could you go wrong? Plus I love shopping at grocery stores in different countries that I visit. I get a feel for the local customs and cuisine. Not to mention there are just so many products for sale that I can't find at home. 

My first few hours in China I had the experience of visiting our local SuperWalmart. And although I was expecting it to be different from back home, it was still a little overwhelming. Not to mention, on my first visit I was exhausted from a long flight and sweaty from the plane and 93+ temps in Beijing. Thankfully I had  a local teacher to guide me through my first visit, and I've been back many times since to purchase food and items for my apartment.

I was excited to see a few familiar items, although they came in unusual flavors. Look for a future post on my Oreo and Lays potato chip taste test.

The packaging is mostly in Chinese, so I need someone to show me items that I am looking for. Sometimes there is an English translation on the package, but it isn't always helpful and the translations aren't always correct

The meat and seafood section was also a bit shocking. The stores here don't prepackage meats. The meats are just out there on display in open air. I still haven't had the courage to purchase any of the raw meat for sale in the supermarkets.

Eggs and milk are found on the shelf and not in the refrigerated section in the USA. However, I have since purchased bottled milk from a refrigerator.



I've been to Walmart probably a dozen times now and I'm more acquainted with the options available. Sometimes it just takes a little getting used to.

What are your experiences grocery shopping in a foreign market?