Sunday, September 14, 2014

Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival and Moon Cakes

Every day I am in China I learn so many new things about the culture and language. I've learned there are a lot of holidays and festivals that are celebrated in China that I had never heard of. Last Monday I experienced my first festival after living here a mere two weeks. 

During the mid-Autumn Festival, I had a vacation day from work and I learned that during the festival it is tradition to eat moon cakes. Moon cakes are a pastry type dessert that can be filled with a variety of things. They can also come in various sizes. The one I had was a large moon cake and was filled with nuts. During the festival, people usually celebrate by sharing a meal with family. Although some of our students live far from home and can not travel that distance in one day, so instead they spent the day with friends and in their dorm. The festival seems to revolve around family tradition, sharing a meal and moon cake together.  

I received this moon cake as a gift. Everything was packaged so well and very decorative. 

What new holidays have you experienced while visiting a different country?

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