Saturday, January 25, 2014

Behind The Red Door

For Christmas this year I refused to give my husband any hints on possible gifts. This was a test of sorts to see how well he knows me. We've been married over four years so I thought he knew me well enough to buy I gift I would like. Mostly this was because I had a super stressful semester and just didn't have the time to prepare any gift options for him. Plus, it's always fun to see what someone else might select for you. I've received some great gifts in the past that I never even knew I wanted!
Well guess what? He passed with flying colors! The main gift he purchased was a spa day at Red Door Spa. It was thoughtful and something I wouldn't have thought to ask for. I love getting massages and I've been eager to get a new hair cut. It has been an embarrassingly long time since my last one and I've been wearing a ponytail for too long to count. So today was the day!
This was my first trip to Red Door and it was amazing! After I checked in at the front desk, I was escorted back to the ladies locker room where I could stow my belongings and change into a comfy robe. Then I walked down to the relaxation room where I sipped on cucumber water and awaited my treatments. 

My husband arranged for me to receive a massage, facial and hair wash,cut,style. Each treatment was incredibly wonderful and relaxing. I was brought back to the relaxation room in between sessions to maintain the relaxed atmosphere, with of course more cucumber water. At the end of my time there I felt relaxed, rejuvenated, pampered and beautiful. Just what I needed on a cold January day.

I could definitely make a habit out of this!
What are your favorite spa treatments?

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