Thursday, November 20, 2014

Volo Auto Museum

There are two places that Volo, Illinois is known for: the Volo Blog and the Volo Auto Museum. I lived in Volo for five years and finally made it to both over the summer before I moved to China. I'm not particularly interested in cars so I had no real urgency to visit, but I heard from so many people that it was interesting to see at least once.  So I made a point to check it out for myself.

Blues Brothers


Dick Tracy

The museum has a variety of vehicles on display that fill several warehouses. The collection includes cars from movies, celebrities, the military and antiques. Some of the cars from movies are original vehicles used during the filming, while others are reproductions that were used during the promotion of the movie because the originals were destroyed during production.  

Dukes of Hazzard

Knight Rider

Back To The Future


22 Jump Street

Also on display are vehicles owned by celebrities including Michael Jordan and Oprah. Finally, there are antique cars that are available for purchase.  Overall, it was fun walking around the museum for an afternoon checking out the cars I recognized from the movies I watched as a child.

Michael Jordan

Do you have any unique museums where you live?

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