Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Beijing Confucius Temple

Over the weekend I visited Beijing for the third time since my arrival in China.  I've been checking off sites in my guidebook so I can be sure to see everything I want to before I leave next summer. This time I chose to visit the Confucius Temple in Beijing, which is supposed to be the largest one in China outside Qufu. I was fortunate to have beautiful blue skies and the place practically to myself. I timed my visit just right as a large tour group was arriving just as I left.

Although I love history, I've never studied Chinese history. Now that I'm in China, this is my chance to read about it and experience it first hand. The more sites I visit, the more I appreciate the architecture and detail. It also helps to read up on the history before each visit. I've found that English translations are limited or nonexistent. So the knowledge I gain from reading on my own really enhances my appreciation and overall experience.    

 Which temple in Beijing is on your must see list?

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