Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Travel Tuesday: Milan

The final stop on our honeymoon tour of Europe was Milan. My husband was hoping to catch a soccer game during our stay, but the timing wasn't right and there weren't any home games scheduled during our visit. However, we did have a lovely time exploring the city. We ended up staying in Milan for just one day but we did have time to view The Last Supper painting and visit the famous Duomo. 

When viewing the painting by Leonardo da Vinci it is easy to understand why he is a master of his craft. His fresco appears to be a 3D diagram rather than merely a painting on the wall. I am so glad it has been preserved as well as it has. Seeing the painting in person was a bucket list wish of mine and well worth the trip in itself for me.  I don't have a photograph as you aren't allowed to take pictures, but the image below is the church wall it was painted on and the museum built around it to protect it from further damage for generations to come. 

Santa Maria delle Grazie - Last Supper Fresco

I am a fan of architecture, as you can see in this post. In Italy attention is paid to details. Even the train station in Milan is beautiful.

Train Station

Finally we visited the cathedral in Milan. The duomo in Milan is breath taking. 



Have you been to Milan? What was your must see attraction? 

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    1. It really is! We didn't have a chance to climb to the roof because we arrived late in the day, but I've heard it's amazing!

  2. The Milan cathederal is amazing. Thank you for linking up for Travel Tuesday last week and looking forward to seeing your post this week! 

    1. It certainly is! Thanks for stopping by!