Sunday, February 9, 2014

Spring 2014 Things I Love

For years now I've maintained a gift folder that contains ideas of items I would like to receive from my husband, whether they are pages I tear out of a magazine or a list with links that I email to him. This takes a little pressure off him and even if he strays from the list, he at least has a clue as to what's on my mind. I try to refresh the list regularly throughout the year. That way he has plenty of options to choose from for any gift giving occasions or in case he wants to surprise me with something out of the blue (which he actually does from time to time!).

With Valentine's Day approaching and my birthday just around the corner in March, I thought I would help him out a little bit since I left him hanging at Christmas (although he did quite well on his own as you can see here). 

The one thing I would really love to receive this year is a trip, however with my packed school schedule the next few months I know that's not in the cards for now. So, I would happily accept any of the items below.



*Note: This is NOT a sponsored post.

What are the gifts are on your wish list?