Sunday, November 8, 2015

Sunday Reads: China Rich Girlfriend

If you're looking for a fun story, check out China Rich Girlfriend! I read Crazy Rich Asians last summer and I was excited to find the sequel while browsing at a bookstore in Hong Kong in August. Kevin Kwan is an excellent storyteller and portrays life in China in a way I've never seen before. While most Asians do not live such lavish lifestyles as those depicted in the book, there are many cultural aspects he shares that are very real. I particularly enjoyed reading this during my stay in China as I could relate to much of it. 

The story picks up about two years after Crazy Rich Asians leaves off. Rachel and Nick are about to get married and Rachel is in search of her birth father. Nick's family is less than thrilled about the union and scandal ensues. Rachel and Nick travel through mainland China, Hong Kong and Singapore as Kwan draws the reader into the lifestyles of the obscenely rich in a hilarious way.

If you're looking for a relaxing read to unwind from the holiday craziness, be sure to check this out. And don't miss Crazy Rich Asians as well!

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