Thursday, October 2, 2014

Jing Shan Park, Beijing

I discovered Jing Shan Park as I was exiting the Forbidden City after my tour. The entrance fee is really inexpensive at 2 yuan per person. I entered the park and climbed up to the top and was rewarded with excellent views of the Forbidden City. The day I was there it was really smoggy, but on a clear day you will probably have even more amazing views of the entire park. Once you exit the park, head north to Bei Hai to walk along the lake front, shop, take a boat ride or enjoy dinner. At night you can find many places to listen to music and have a drink.

A little bit of history of the park: The last emperor of the Ming dynasty escaped to Jing Shan Park when rebels forced their way into the city. He hung himself by a tree in Jing Shan Park. The original tree is gone, but a replacement tree is in the same spot with a marker.

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