Sunday, May 3, 2015

Sunday Reads: Pretty In Ink

By: Lindsey Palmer

The setting for this book is a magazine agency in New York City. The author starts each chapter off with a new character describing the scene from their point of view. I would classify this as chic-lit. The plot revolves around a magazine named 'Hers' and the upheaval that occurs when a new editor-in-chief arrives on staff. None of the characters are really likeable but I would bet there are many real life accuracies in their self indulgent personalities. It was difficult for me to get through the entire book based on the negative personalities, although the characters are most likely accurately portrayed in their cattiness and insecurity.

The story follows a similar theme to other books I've read in this genre on the publishing field. I just personally would rather read something else as I can't tolerate people like this in real life I don't want to read about them either. However, I did like the way she ended the book. It felt like it came around full circle and was about to start a fresh and positive chapter for the characters.  

*Note: I received a free digital copy for my honest review
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